Conference Program - Parallel Sessions


FIRST DAY (21st October)


11.15 PLENARY SESSION   Politecnico di Milano (F. Iorio)
Design of nonlinear viscous dampers for the mitigation of motion of tall buildings: The Isozaki Tower – a case study
  Jonkoping University (A. Vaezipour)
Visual analytics and informed decisions in health and life sciences
11.35 D'Appolonia SpA (RINA Group)/E2BA (S. Carosio)
Energy efficient Buildings PPP: results so far and the roadmap towards Horizon 2020
Politecnico di Milano (G. Dubini)
Numerical simulation for the prediction of fatigue behavior of peripheral stents
11.55 CROWDYXITY SRL and Università Milano-Bicocca (S. Bandini)
Pedestrian dynamics
SCS-CINECA (A. Chiarini)
Prediction of fatigue fracture on peripheral stents
12.15 Modutech (A. Cariani)
Powering, heating and cooling a skyscraper: fluid dynamic simulation in a tall building
ProtoService (M. Romeo)
Additive Technologies do start a Cyborg Era
12.35 EnginSoft (Silvia Demattè)
A mathematical framework for optimized building refurbishment
University of Trieste (E. Laurini)
A new frontier for modeFRONTIER: an orchestrator for molecular simulation symphonies
14.00 Jet Propulsion Laboratory - CA (P. Bellutta)
Martian Terrain Traversability Analysis from Orbital Imagery
  Bruno Kessler Foundation (G. Agugiaro)
CityGML as information hub for energy-related simulations and planning at urban scale
  caMe Workshop
CADFEM (C. Muller, A. Nolte)
Presentation of the Idea of caMe-Initiative
14.20 ESA/ESTEC (G. Baldesi)
CAE advancements for space vehicle design
virtualcity SYSTEMS (I. Jung)
3D Spatial Data Infrastructure Solution based on the OGC-Standard
caMe Workshop
Hospital Dortmund
(L. Bonitz)
caMe in Maxillofacial Surgery
14.40 Blackshape (L. Belviso)
Innovative, integrated and competitive product development drives SME policies in the Apulian Aerospace District.
GDI/ESSS (A. Potapov)
Rocky - Recent Developments of a Next Generation DEM Simulator
caMe Workshop
Hospital Dortmund
(S. Hassfeld)
caMe in Maxillofacial Surgery
15.00 Newmerical (W.G. Habashi)
Computational Fluid Dynamics' (CFD) Recent Contributions to Increased Safety for Flying Into Known Icing (FIKI)
Scheldebouw B.V. (A. Mirzada)
The Shard: Structural Challenges of the Façade
caMe Workshop
Technical University of Munich
(L. Kovacs)
caMe in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
15.20 Selex (L. Paris)
The Foundamental Role of Simulation Approach in New High Technology Product Development
Studio Romano & C. (L. Romano)
Design and construction of the "Fiera Milano Building"
caMe Workshop
Technical University of Munich
(M. Eder)
caMe in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
16.10 Advanced Engineering Solutions (A. Vlahinos)
Automation of Preliminary Designs for Aerospace Structures
  Engin@Fire (F. Barreca)
Engin@Fire: Fire Integrated Revolutionary Engineering
  caMe Workshop
University of Leipzig
(J. Böhme)
caMe in Orthopaedic Surgery
16.30 Politecnico di Torino (P. Maggiore)
The Green Glide Project - actual and next future Evolutions
University of Trento (A. Armanini)
A new generation of models for debris flows
caMe Workshop
University of Leipzig
(C. Josten)
caMe in Orthopaedic Surgery
16.50 Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (N. Fedorova)
Simulations of high- speed turbulent separated flows
Rubner (S. Boranga)
Nuovi orizzonti del costruire in legno: la realizzazione di edifici multipiano dalla progettazione integrata al cantiere
Aalto University (M. Gasik)
Orthopaedic implants - towards challenges of meta-optimization
17.10 SOGECLAIR - Medef 31 (P. Robardey)
Engineering services Strategy and perspectives
SITECO (A. Burchi)
High-precision mobile and airborne survey
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Z. Yosibash)
Finite element simulations of patient-specific long bones for clinical orthopedic applications
17.30 Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (M. Roeb)
Fuels of the Future from Solar Resources
Ingeciber (Roman Martin)
CivilFEM NPP Multidiscipline: An unique solution for the Nuclear Power Plant Industry
caMe Workshop
(A. Nolte)
caMe Software
17.50   SWS Engineering (P. Cucino)
A finite element insight on reinforced concrete tunnels under fire conditions



SECOND DAY (22nd October)


9.30 Virtual Vehicle (R. Werner)
Multiphysics System Design using Co-Simulation ­ Interoperability in Methodology between Aeronautics and Automotive Industry
  ITER (C. Sborchia)
Engineering Challenges and Developments of the ITER Fusion Machine
  Scania (E. Lönroth)
A Working Model for Virtual Product Development
9.50 Simmel Difesa (S. Dell'Amore)
Numerical models for Aimable WARheaDs
GE Oil&Gas (E. Belardini)
Evaluation of surge pressure dynamics in a closed fluid circuit for centrifugal compressors applications
Renault (J.M. Crépel)
How to improve vehicle engineering performance using CAE
10.10 Alenia Aermacchi (A. Romano)
Vapour cycle for avionics rack temperature control
Jrc (G. Mercurio)
Computer simulation of uranium enrichment cascades
Pierburg Pump Technology Italy (G. Peroni)
Electrical Oil Pump (e-OP): Layout Definition and Design Validation through the 3D Thermal Simulation Approach
10.30 WASS (F. Pacini)
Concurrent engineering - interactive procedure for design and optimization of composite structures
Dynardo (J. Will)
Three dimensional FEM-based simulation of hydraulic fracturing - key to understand the process and improve economics
Johnson Electric (D. Parodi)
BLDC motor for automotive cooling fan assembly: heat sink optimization
11.00 Esterel (A. Bouali)
The Use of Model-Based Techniques for Real-Time SW Development at Piaggio Aero.
  Ariston Thermo (F. Perticaroli)
Thermal Optimization for R607 Boiler Walls
  Pierburg Pump Technology Italy (A. Franceschini)
Dynamic Analysis of a Reed Valve Mounted on a Vacuum Pump for Automotive Applications
11.20 University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Rinaldini, Mattarelli)
2-Stroke Multipurpose Externally Scavenged Hi Efficiency Engines
Unilever (M. Noro)
e-Science in Unilever: The Challenges Ahead
BETA CAE Systems (A. Sarridis)
An integrated suite for the detailed assessment of full vehicle NVH behavior
11.40 CST (D. Tallini)
EMC/E3 Analysis of Rotorcraft Electrical System Exposed to Antenna Radiation and Incident EMP
University of Padova (M. Raciti Castelli)
Numerical Analysis of a Darrieus Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine for Bare and Shrouded Rotor Configurations
AVL List (M. Tizianel)
Thermal management simulation as a tool for improved truck fuel efficiency
12.00 University of Napoli - Federico II (N. Natale)
CFD in Support of Flight Testing for Aircraft/Stores Integration
Techdyn Engineering (N. Bonora)
Engineering Criticality Assessment of Flawed Bi-Metallic Girth Weld Joint
CMCL Innovations (A. Smallbone)
Computationally efficient analysis of fuels, combustion and emissions in IC engine applications using the SRM Engine Suite
14.00 MBDA (S. Gubbioni)
How the CAE helps the defence system to predic the damage on incoming menace
  Saipem (Niccolò Sbarigia)
Surge analysis on a complex sealine network
  Magna Powertrain (G. Spindelberger)
Fatigue analysis with local stress approach; considering influences fromproduction, material imperfection and other influences
14.20 BETA CAE Systems (V. Skaperdas)
Study for the effect of the mesh on the external aerodynamic simulation results for a landing gear
EnginSoft (A. Serra)
Electromagnetic interference between high voltage lines and pipelines: an advanced FEM calculation approach
Valeo Thermal Powertrain (F. Nicolas)
Transient and Multi-species Air Intake Module simulation as part of the development process
14.40 University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (M. Subhash)
Computational Study of the Coanda Flow Using the K-zeta-f Turbulence Model
D'Appolonia (S. Segreto)
Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis to Verify Small Power VAWTs
Componeering (A. Mönicke)
Optimization of Future City Car Composite Structure
15.00 TXT e-solution (F. Borgatelli)
Wind Modeling in Complex Domains for Real-Time Simulation
SUPSI (A. Gaetano)
Receiving cavity for concentrated solar power applications on parabolic trough analysed by means of 3D CFD simulations
DTECH Corp. (C. Theodosiou)
Design Optimization of Gear Transmission System with Nonlinear Properties
15.20 University of Padova (M. Lazzarin)
Numerical Analysis of a Turbojet Reverse flow-Combustor, numerical evaluation of the combustor geometry influence
University of Padova (R. Tosato)
Thermal transients of solar pipes and tanks
Qpunkt (C. Kussmann)
Numerical analysis of free surface flows in the context of the water management of production cars
15.40 Eaton (P. Sangule)
Fatigue Life Estimation For Preloaded Bolted Joint Under Vibration Environment
University of Udine (M. Gallina)
Finite element analysis of optimized piezoelectric bimorphs for vibrational “energy harvesting”
University of Udine (Boscariol)
Thermo-mechanical analysis of a fire door for naval applications
16.00 National Institute of Technology Calicut (J. Tom)
CFD Analysis of swing of cricket ball and trajectory prediction
University of Bergamo (S. Ravelli)
Cooling of the turbine section in gas turbine engines: combined experimental and numerical modeling using HPC infrastructure
BETA CAE Systems (A. Perifanis)
Strength and durability analysis through automated reports in Honda using Ansa & Meta
16.20 École Polytechnique de Montréal (A.M. Mohamadi)
Mathematical modeling of roughness effects on the unsteady transitional flows
EMbaffle (F. Perrone)
Parametric CFD analysis of an EMbaffle Heat Exchanger
Pierburg Pump Technology Italy (E. Pellegrini)
Advanced modeling to Wear explanation in Variable Displacement Oil Pumps for Automotive applications by Rigid Multibody simulations




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