Conference Program - Workshops


FIRST DAY (21st October)


European User Meeting
14.00 EnginSoft, Ansaldo Energia (R. Gonella, G. Perna, S. Santuccci)
Ansys Mechanics: updating on Ansys Mechanical development - HPC development
  ESTECO (D. Di Stefano)
modeFRONTIER 4.5: entering the era of smart optimization
  Mentor Graphics (D. Hunt)
Response surface modelling using Flowmaster V7
14.20 SACMI (M. Cova)
ACT: A fatigue new approach and its tecncical updating in Ansys Wb
CIRA (R. Borrelli)
A CAE based procedure to predict the low velocity impact response of a composite CAI specimen
EnginSoft (A. Deponti)
New Two-Phase Capabilities of Flowmaster
14.40 Ansaldo Energia (R. Biondi)
An innovative approach for the evaluation of the axial component of the magnetic field in the terminal parts of the alternators
DEMA (D. Malacaria)
A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure
GE Oil&Gas (S. Rossin)
Enhancing design through system level simulations at GE Oil&Gas
15.00 Continental (M. Mechi)
ANSYS BEST PRACTICE: Continental _ More efficient and complete
WMG, University of Warwick (S. Mann - D. Ceglarek)
Remote Laser Welding System Navigator for Eco & Resilient Automotive Factories
Saipem (Niccolò Sbarigia)
Surge analysis on a complex sealine network
15.20 GE Oil&Gas (R. Merlo)
Ansys best Practice: GE experience on acoustic and linear dynamic
SACMI Imola (R. Cenni)
Evaluation of Grinding Repair through modeFrontier RSM and Ansys Mechanical
GE Oil&Gas (E. Belardini)
Evaluation of surge pressure dynamics in a closed fluid circuit for centrifugal compressors applications


European User Meeting
16.10 INFN (F. Raffaelli)
Design and analysis of mechanics for high energy experiments using a drift chamber particle detector
  Cummins (John Crew)
Reduce Time to Calibrate a GT Valve Train Model
  CST (D. Tallini)
EMC simulation of consumer electronic devices
16.30 CIRA (R. Gardi)
Ansys best Practice: Cira experience external loads, mesh
Magneti Marelli (A. Teducci)
Air Intake Manifold Design: 1D-3D fluid-dynamic multi-objective engine performances optimization
16.50 Franco Tosi Meccanica (S. Bistolfi)
Evaluating effects of friction contacts between shrouds in integrally shrouded blade rows
Goldbeck Consulting Ltd (G. Goldbeck)
Streamlined Composite Modelling Workflows with Multi-Objective Optimisation
17.10 Ansaldo Nucleare (F. Percivale)
HEPB Transient Dynamic Analysis. From a quasi-linear to a fully non-linear modelling
Politecnico di Bari (P. Guglielmi)
Calibration and validation of metamodels for hydroforming applications
17.30 Umbra Group (F. Pacieri)
Improvement on ballscrew design: load distribution on balls and influence on dynamic analyses
Whirlpool Corporation (J. Capablo) Reliability engineering and robust design applied to evaluate the energy performance of an electrical domestic oven


14.00 Techdyn Engineering (N. Bonora)
Modeling deformation and fracture in fused silica under high velocity impact
14.20 Impetus Afea (J.L. Lacome)
Numerical modelling of the hydrodynamic ram phenomenon on composite tanks
14.40 Granta Design (A. Fairfull)
Ensuring CAE builds on enterprise materials knowledge
15.00 Key to Metals AG (V. Pocajt)
A Database of Advanced Material Properties: New Developments and Possibilities for CAE Usage
15.20 Cybernet Systems CO.,LTD (Y. Furuta)
PlanetsX – Injection Molding CAE tool on ANSYS Workbench


16.10 University of Malta (P. Mollicone)
Process and Structural Models for Resistance Spot Welding
16.30 IIS Service (R. Grandicelli)
User Logic, make the difference with “bio software” approach
16.50 Santa’S Co. (M. Santachiara)
Augmented Reality CAE datas visualization
17.10 CETOL6σ
The importance of tolerance analysis to the success of a product and show how CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor can:
ensure the design will perform as expected; help the engineer understand where to focus changes that maximize the benefit on critical design characteristics; manage the impact of variation through all phases of the product lifecycle within the same CAD systems used to manage the design; clearly communicate key design characteristics to others; ensure that the language for describing permissible variation, i.e. GD&T, is applied correctly and completely



SECOND DAY (22nd October)


9.30 EnginSoft (L. Bucchieri)
Introduzione alle tecnolgie CFD di EnginSoft
  EnginSoft (V. Primavera)
Landing Gear System: Sensitivity Analysis & Optimization
  Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “Mauro Picone”, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (A. Sgalambro)
Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry
9.50 EnginSoft (L. Brugali, S. Colleoni)
Ansys WB Meshing - Uno strumento parametrico
Politecnico di Bari (V. Piglionico)
Finite elements investigations about the warm hydroforming process of aluminium alloys using Ls-Dyna
Eramet Research (L. Florentin)
Modelling of metallurgical reactors with Scilab
10.10 EnginSoft (L. Brugali, E. Mazzoleni)
Ansys ICEM - Strumenti per meshatura avanzata
ITACAe (F.Valente)
A new methodology for integrating product & process engineering of a steel wheel
Govt. India (S. Gahlot)
Truss Design: Simulation & Optimisation using Scilab
10.30 EnginSoft (A. Marini)
Ansys CFX - Novità del solutore: turbosystem, transient blade row
Aviospace (G. Gambacciani)
Numerical simulation of Zero-G automatic operations
University of Padova (G. Santin)
Some tools for fast and stable Radial Basis Function approximation with Scilab
11.00 EnginSoft (M. Andreoli)
Ansys Fluent - Novità del solutore: aeroacustica, adjoint solver, film modeling
  CRF (A. Annicchiarico)
Thermo-mechanical simulation on automotive manufacturing process chain
  Berlin Mathematical School (G. Conforti)
Solving elliptic PDE in Scilab with the Feynman-Kac formula
11.20 ANSYS (W. Slagter)
Enterprise High-Performance and Cloud Computing
Dynamore (Münz)
Selected Multi-Physics Applications Using LS-DYNA
North Eastern Regional Engineering of Science and Technology (S. Baishya)
Computer aided analysis of allowable bearing pressure of shallow foundations in layered soil using Scilab
11.40 Nvidia (Timothy Lanfear)
GPU-Accelerated ANSYS Fluent for Applied CFD
Dainese-AGV group (A. Cernicchi)
Design of safety helmets
University of Padova (D. Poggiali)
Resolution of a Gamma camera: Analytical vs Experimental methods
12.00 EnginSoft (M. Galbiati)
Innovazioni e nuove tecnologie nella suite CFD
EnginSoft (C. Martin)
Advanced Joining Techniques simulation and optimization using LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER
University of Southampton (A. Javed)
Adaptive Shape Parameter (ASP) Technique for Local Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) and Their Application for Solution of Navier Stokes Equations
14.00 Pierburg Pump Technology Italy (M. Gasperini)
Numerical and Experimental Evaluations on the behaviour of Variable Displacement oil pump journal bearings
  Workshop LS-DYNA
LS-PP, l’interfaccia nativa di LS-DYNA.
Utilizzo di LS-PP in batch mode per un utilizzo nell’ambito di ottimizzazioni multidisciplinari e multiobiettivo
LS-PP 4.1: nuove features
Q&A: alla fine dei lavori, i nostri esperti continueranno ad essere a vostra disposizione

Scilab Enterprises - EnginSoft (J. Lanusse, S.Poles, M. Venturin, A. Bassi, G. Borzi)

Scilab Workshop

14.20 Consorzio CETMA (Antonio Gerardi)
Computational fluid-dynamic analysis to support the development of innovative architectures for the heat recovery in the field of the glass industry
14.40 Politecnico di Milano (F. Concli)
CFD analysis of the hydraulic losses of a gearbox: model validation and results
15.00 University of Ferrara (A. Vaccari)
CFD analysis of a fluidized bed reactor for industrial application
15.20 University of Parma (M. Folezzani)
CFD simulation and modeling of multiphase free surface flow inside a horizontal tank for dynamic mixing of non-Newtonian food fluids
15.40 D’Appolonia (E. Costa)
A simulations-driven approach for predicting harmful effects of terrorist attacks and to design mitigation countermeasures



9.30 EnginSoft (P. Parona)
  EnginSoft (M. Gabrielli, A. Pallara)
9.50 EnginSoft (G. Scarpa)
MAGMA 5.2 Hardware Benchmarks
Transvalor (S. Andrietti)
Best-Practice Heat-Treatments & New features in steel quenching simulation
10.10 Modelleria Brambilla-EnginSoft (S. Tamelli)
Analisi Virtuale per l'ottimizzazione delle prestazioni di una cassa-anima per water-jacket
10.30 Acciaierie Fonderie Cividale (M. Varotto)
Indagine difettologica in zone a solidificazione simmetrica di getti in acciaio
NAFEMS France (F. Costes)
NAFEMS PSE - Professional Simulation Engineer certification scheme


11.00 iGuzzini (E. Santini)
Analisi previsionale degli aspetti economici ed estetici di getti pressofusi in fase di sviluppo nuovo prodotto
  Società delle Fucine (F. Curbis - S. Neri)
Analysis and optimization of heating process for large forgings quenching through finite elements analysis
  • Introduction to material properties and Key to Metals
  • International standards and cross-referencing of materials
  • Advanced properties: stress-strain curves, fatigue, fracture mechanics and creep
  • New developments: Polymers, composites and ceramics, data export to CAE programs and more
  • Questions and answers
11.20 FAS Fonderia Acciai Speciali (S. Baldoni)
Analisi virtuale della produzione, con processo Replicast, di una Girante Francis
11.40 Agusta (B. Timpano)
La simulazione della formatura delle anime contribuisce all'ottimizzazione ed efficienza del processo produttivo per componenti aeronautici
Fonderia Maspero (G. Canesi - M. Di Modica)
A Study of the Parameters' Influence on Dies Resistance in Hot Forging trough Numeric Simulation
12.00 Fonderie Mario Mazzucconi (R. Ancidoni)
Magmalink application for the analysis of a low pressure die casting process
14.00 University of Padova (F. Bonollo)
StaCast Project: New Standards on Defect Classification and on Mechanical Properties of Casting Alloys
  Transvalor (S. Andrietti)
New features, New release, Roadmap


14.20 Teksid Aluminium (M. Priasco)
Analisi virtuale della produzione di anime per condotti olio per teste motore prodotte con tecnologia Hot e Cold box
Officine Ambrogio Melesi (A. Caracciolo - V. Baruffaldi)
Differences in Forging Process for a Component Type "Convergent Venturi" Evaluated in Different Materials
14.40 Ing. Roberto Meneghello (R. Menghello)
Modello termofluidodinamico del sistema bifase lega-aria all'interno del contenitore per pressocolata
15.00 ABOR - EnginSoft (L. Bellati)
Robust Design Optimization of High Pressure Die Casting to Produce Piston Rods
Zoppelletto (F. Bassan)
Process analysis and investigation of defects in multistage cold forging by using finite element method
15.20 EnginSoft-MAGMA
Tavolo degli approfondimenti: voce agli utenti MAGMAsteel
Tavolo degli approfondimenti: voce agli utenti MAGMAiron
Tavolo degli approfondimenti: voce agli utenti per i Metalli Non Ferrosi
15.40 Transvalor (S. Andrietti)
Induction Heat Treatment
16.00 MAGMA (J.C. Sturm)
Preview on MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3
EnginSoft- Transvalor
Tavola rotonda con richieste degli utilizzatori




Plenary Session

Parallel sessions: Industrial Applications

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